Top Twin Mom Tips

Top Twin Mom Tips

Get your Newborn Twins on a schedule:
When you have newborn twins, things have to be on a schedule “You want to get your babies on the same feeding and napping schedule. They will eventually learn to adapt.” You can breastfeed or bottle feed both babies at the same time on a twin breastfeeding pillow, the bed or a recliner however if you have one baby that is more fussy than the other you can also choose to breastfeed one and bottle feed the other if that makes it easier for both yourself and the baby.

One crib or two for Newborn Twins:
Your twins can share a crib when they are very little but just keep in mind that when they start to roll or move they will bump or roll into each other and wake each other up. Our twins were kept close together in the same room but to ensure they got the most sleep we had them in their own cribs.

Newborn Twin share everything:
Twins share everything so if one baby gets sick there is a good chance the other baby will too. Whilst they are still young and not very mobile you can reduce the chances of them both getting sick by keeping them separated.

Treat your Twins as individuals:
Twins are still individuals and should be treated as individuals. Whilst they are very competitive they both have their own personalities and like different things. One of my son’s like to play sport and is extremely active whilst my other son likes music and is much more quite. Try not to compare them as this will just increase the competition between them.

Twins playtime:
Twins will always have each other to play with so that can make it a little easier sometimes.

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