Surviving the school holidays with Twins

Surviving the school holidays with Twins

The summer holidays are coming soon and if your Twins are going to be at home you are probably trying to come up with ideas for keeping your twins occupied during the school holidays.

There are so many things you can do to keep your Twins busy and depending on their age many of those things will cost you nothing or very little.

There are many different choices available for summer camps that are either half day or full day. These camps may be focused towards sports, crafts, swimming, bible studies, days trips to zoo’s, aquarium’s and the list goes on.

The local area you live in will offer a Recreation Calendar listing all of the available options for both half and full day camps. If your  Twins are in school many of the brochures will come home about the available camps or activities during summer. You can also find out this information via social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

You may just want to enroll in swimming classes that usually run either 1 or 2 days a week for 1 month at a time. Swimming lessons are usually only about 30 minutes long depending on your children’s age.

Summer is always a great time to plan a family holiday and hop in the car or on a plane and take a family vacation to the beach, to Disney, to a waterpark, camping or anywhere that you can just spend time together.

It’s also a great time to have some play dates with friends and meet at the local park, go Roller skating, Ice skating, Bowling or to an indoor Trampoline park or Amusement Center.

My twins are now 7 and if they could they would spend all day playing on their iPads. During summer they do get a little extra time on their gaming devices and this also gives Mom a bit of extra time to get washing done, clean the house or just have 1 hour of quiet time while they play their games.  I always make sure they have done any chores like making their bed, cleaning their teeth, piano practice etc before they are allowed to play their iPads and I do put limitations on how long they can play their games.

It is a great time for your twins to rediscover all the toys they have in their rooms and those that they may not play with much anymore.  Go through their wardrobe to clear out all the toys that they have grown out of and no longer play with and plan a yard sale or donate them to charity. I like to pull all of the toys out and put them in the middle of the room and let the kids decide which one’s they want to keep and which one’s they would like to donate. It is amazing how many toys they have forgotten that they actually have and how many toys that they are really no longer interested in anymore.

I find that summer is a great time to reorganize the kids rooms and pack away all the summer clothing and bedding and change it over to summer gear.

Summer is a great time to:

  • plat a team sport or try a new sport
  • fly a kite
  • play put put golf
  • go swimming at the beach or a pool or learn to swim
  • have a yard sale (selling your kids old toys and clothes they no longer want or use)
  • paint with your kids
  • visit a museum
  • learn to ride a bike
  • go to a waterpark or amusement park
  • hang out with family
  • go hiking
  • go fishing
  • go camping
  •  build a fort
  • do science experiments
  • have a picnic
  • clean out the house with your kids help
  • slip and slide water slide
  • water sprinkler for kids

You don’t have to spend a lot money to enjoy your summer with your kids and family just being together and doing activities together as a family is all you need.

So to all the Mom’s out there don’t worry there is plenty of things to do during the Summer holidays even if it just means opening the back door to let the kids go and play out in the sunshine.

Have a great summer.

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