Mum gives birth to identical triplets beating incredible odds

Mum gives birth to identical triplets beating incredible odds


Allana and Tim, first-time parents from New South Wales Australia, became the proud parents to triplets back in 2019.

They had been trying to have a baby for just two weeks before discovering they were pregnant.

Allana had her first ultrasound when there were six weeks pregnant, but was not prepared for the news that that were 3 little heartbeats coming through. They did an internal ultrasound to confirm the news and Tim went as white as a ghost.

There is no history of multiple births on either side of the family so Allana and Tim could not believe the news that they were about to have triplets for their very first pregnancy.

Jaxon, Zac, and Zavier arrived in May 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic.

After welcoming their identical triplet boys Jaxon, Zac, and Zavier in May 2020 – smack bang in the middle of the pandemic – the couple wouldn’t have it any other way.

After the initial shock work off Allana and Tim were very excited but a little scared as most new parents are.

While the exact figure is unknown, some studies have reported that the chance of a woman having natural identical triplets could be as rare as 1 in 200 million.

If expecting triplets was not overwhelming enough, five months into Allana’s pregnancy the world was turned upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With strict lockdown measures in place to stop the spread, the expectant mum was no longer allowed to have her husband attend any important appointments with her.

After their sons were born, the parents were not allowed to have any family visit the triplets in the hospital for the three weeks they remained in the NICU before coming home.

At first, the couple assumed that just two of their boys were identical, while the other was fraternal, as Jaxon and Zac were growing in one sac while Zavier was in another.

But six weeks after they were born, the parents were shocked after DNA testing revealed their trio were actually genetically identical.

The boys were born by C-Section at 33 weeks weighing 1.9kg, 2kg, and 2.3kg.

Within 6 months Allan and Tim had a routine in place, and are very happy with their family of five.

After many months of planning and ordering many baby items like their stroller from overseas designed for triplets and lots of items being delayed due to COVID they had everything they needed for their growing family.

The nappies/diapers are never-ending and they go through more than three tins of formula a week.

Everywhere they go they get stopped as people love to see Jaxon, Zac and Zavier and the pram is so big that it always gets attention.

Allana and Tim said that “Whilst triplets was initially a very big shock, it is such a blessing and we would not change a thing”.



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