How to help your Twins with Homework at a young age

How to help your Twins with Homework at a young age

Recently I have been struggling to get homework done with my twins. I have tried being more involved and less involved. I have tried putting them in separate rooms or together at the dining table, and I have tried being more laid back and letting them run with it themselves or being more firm. Each situation has it’s pro’s and con’s.

At a younger age (my son’s are 7) I find that they both need my help so being all together is the most optimal. At times there is giggling and they play around but I just have to firmly remind them that this is homework time and the sooner they get it done the sooner they can play.

I find it best to start homework straight after school. If your children are hungry I suggest giving them 10-15 minutes to eat a snack and then start on homework.

Expectations need to be realistic – Your children will not always understand their homework. The idea of homework at this age is to set good studying habits, help them practice and review the work they did at school that day and for them to feel successful that they got their homework done and they could answer the questions or solve the problems. It also gives you a chance to see what they are doing and where they might be struggling so you can let the teacher know where they may need a little extra help or you can work on extra questions at home.

As I have twins who are in separate classrooms I find that different teachers have different expectations on getting homework done however I try to keep those expectations the same for both children so it seems fair. Sometimes having each other to compete against will encourage them to focus and get their homework done but you just need to make sure they understand what they are doing and that it does not become a stressful situation.

Homework can be overwhelming for your kids and for you too, especially when you are trying to do homework with more than one child. When you child becomes overwhelmed or distressed it may be best to just give them some words or encouragement and  let them know that homework is not always easy but you are here to help and together you will work it out.

Set up a good environment for homework – Make sure you have good lighting and there is plenty of room for your children to lay out their work. Make sure they have the tools they need to complete their homework like a pencil, rubber or paper. I recommend putting your twins at opposite ends of the table so they are less distracted and have their own space to work in.

Best time to do homework – Homework can be done after school, before dinner or after dinner. I find after school the best time as my children are not too tired and they know when they finish their homework they will be able to play and relax for the rest of the night. Each home is different and many children may have after school activities so you just need to make a plan for what works best for your family and try to stick to it as routine usually works the best.

By being consistent, students learn the world stops until homework is completed, checked, and placed neatly where it belongs so it can be turned in when due.

If you are struggling with your children’s homework and need help just reach out to their teacher for help or additional resources. There is so many tutorial video’s online and printable homework sheets if you need extra help.

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