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Rare ‘semi-identical’ twins discovered during Australian woman’s pregnancy
  A rare set of semi-identical twins – only the second set ever reported in the world – have been identified in Australia.
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Identical Twin Nurses Deliver a Set of Twins
This article was posted in the HuffPost and is a really great story about Twin Nursees begin part of delivering
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What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar
Ladies have you been having all these cravings during pregnancy and post pregnancy that include lots of sugar. Here are
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Heart-healthy Foods You Should Eat Every Day
Make sure you continue to look after yourself after your twins are born and eat some of these foods that
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Why you should eat more Sweet Potatoes
Why should eat more Sweet Potatoes: Baked, grilled or cooked in a pie, sweet potatoes are always a delight to
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Predicted Top Baby Names for 2020
  Below, find Nameberry’s list of hot baby name predictions for 2020 and Redmond’s explanations for each pick. The names
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Natural Antibiotics Offered by Mother Nature
If you are trying to get pregnant, already pregnant or breastfeeding you can’t always take antibiotics to fight infection and
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Some things to remember when reading aloud to your children
Start reading to your children as soon as possible. Read books that include repetition when they are infants through to
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Why you should read aloud to your Children
Reading is an accrued skill, that is, the more your read the better you get at it. Research suggests that
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Twin study finds red wine links to better gut health
Twin study finds red wine links to better gut health Published: Monday 09 September 2019 A twin study has found that
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