Best Diapers for your Twins

Best Diapers for your Twins

Newborns typically spoil their diapers approximately 10 times a day so with twins you are going to become an expert at changing diapers with as many as 20 changes a day.

Remember to place your clean diaper under the diaper that is already on your baby to ensure a clean change over with very little mess.

If you have a twin boy make sure you have a towel or something to hold above your little boy when changing as little boys have a tendency to wee when you change their diaper. I can personally attest to this having twin boys as I was caught out a few times.

You will definitely need diapers and whilst Disposable diapers are very convenient and less time consuming it is completely your choice as to whether you choose Disposable diapers, Cloth diapers or a combination. Cloth diapers may save you money over the long term but when you are out somewhere shopping, at a park etc using a disposable diaper can be a lot more convenient.

There is a great selection of diapers on the market today and you may try several brands before you decide which one best suits you and your twins. Some things to consider are:

Comfort, Quality, Leakage, Price, Sensitive Skin, Eco-Friendly, Softness, Fragrance etc

Make sure the diapers are a good fit for your twins otherwise you will end up with leakage or blowouts.

Twins are often born premature or smaller than most babies so you may need Preemie or Newborn diapers depending on your babies weights. Newborn diapers go up to 10 pounds so many babies will move into the next size by about 1-month-old.

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Here are some suggestions for Disposable diapers.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Why we love them:

Perfect fit, no leakage, wetness indicator, great diapers day or night. We tried many brands and Huggies were our favorite.

What some customers had to say:

Comfortable and fit great

Always will love huggies smugglers very soft and comfortable. No allergic reactions or skin problem, unlike other brands I have tried.

These are our favorite diapers. No leaks or blowouts, unlike the other huggies newborn diapers, pampers and loves. No problems with rashes from these diapers either.

Tip: Depending on the size of your twins you may require either Preemie or Newborn diapers.


Pampers Swaddlers 

Why we love them:

Flexible and soft with a wetness indicator. They are also making Pampers “sensitive” diapers which are Gentle and hypoallergenic if your twins have sensitive skin. I recommend these diapers for the daytime.

What some customers had to say:

Love me some pampers

Great price, great quality, and my kids with sensitive bottoms have never had an issue

These are the only diapers we will use

Pampers Pure Protection

Up & Up Diapers Newborn (Target brand)

Why we love them:

Comfortable, soft, ok to use on sensitive skin. I recommend these diapers for the daytime. They are often on sale and you get a $10 or $5 gift card if you buy 2 boxes. Inclusive of aloe and vitamin d and free of petroleum-based lotions

What some customers had to say:

Best diapers ever

I have used these for the last year and have never had any problems with leaks. Great diapers – great quality!

Love these!

I’ve tried all brands but my son has always leaked through. Up and Up is the only brand of diapers he doesn’t leak through and the price is unbeatable. love them!

The Honest Company

Soft and comfortable fit. Great designs for boys and girls. Made without chlorine or bleach processing, latex, synthetic fragrances or lotions.

What some customers had to say:

Super cute & true to fit for my newborn who weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. just wish they were a bit cheaper:)

Five Stars

Would recommend, nice product, arrived on time

Seventh Generation

Why we love them:

These green diapers are better for the environment and are free of dyes, perfumes, or chlorine processing.

What some customers had to say:

Best diapers ever. Tried a lot and this is the only organic one and didn’t break out my kid’s skin

I continue buying Seventh generation products because my grandkids never have a bad reaction to them

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